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Ok…so, I was on okc trying to find someone to date/maybe have something casual with. I’m a strong independent woman who is comfortable with her body. I was texting a guy named Derrick (okc profile and Facebook page) when he asked for a pic of me in my bra. I figured it would be ok since we’d been texting for a bit and he seemed like a really nice trustworthy guy.Well, as soon as I texted him the pic this happened….

Even though I feel extremely violated right now, I refuse to be blackmailed into whatever he wanted me to do. I have been through enough bullshit in my life to last me until I’m 200 years old. I was sexually assaulted in high school and lived with an emotionally and psychologically abusive stepmother while growing up. I have so many self-image issues that I could fill a book the size of the entire Harry Potter series with them. I do not need to deal with shit like this from people. I will not stand for shit like this. So what I ask is that whoever sees this, to please, please, please for the love of humanity, block this guy. Even though his profile says that he’s a “ Im nice kind loving caring funny honest guy. ” he isn’t.

Update: He’s apparently put it up on a porn site as well as Facebook. I refused to be ashamed of this. I will not allow this…I hesitate to call him a man because no man would ever do this to another human being…this…varmint to have that kind of control over me. I refuse to be a victim.

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jesus christ I thought this was some kind of joke conversation or something until I read further and actually realized her desperation in the texts.  what a fucking ridiculous dude.  ”I’M UPLOADIN’ ‘EM.  I’M GONNA DO IT.  GONNA DO IT.  IIIIIIIIII’M GONNA DO IT!  I’M DOIN’ IT! HEY! HEY HEY HEY I’M DOING IT”

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Derrick Pease is a manipulative piece of shit. It looks like his OKC has been disabled, but let’s make sure that a record of his violating someone’s trust is permanently on the internet. Hopefully this is the first result whenever someone (including potential employers, friends, loved ones, etc.!) search for him.


Mm wow wanna take him home to my parents

"cabbage fanny cunt" you win the classiest aware of the year michael


Mm wow wanna take him home to my parents

"cabbage fanny cunt" you win the classiest aware of the year michael


Wow dreamboat sign me up


Wow dreamboat sign me up

my friend drove me to get Chinese food with him, and i changed in the back of the car as he drove into the parking lot. he didn’t look. however, a car full of teenage boys saw me and waited until i got out of the car. it looked like they had their mother in the front seat. i walked past their car in the parking lot with my friend, and as i did, they all hooted and whistled and screamed “i see you looking at me girl” and “ill fuck that ass real good” and the woman sitting in the front of the car sat there laughing, i proceeded to flip them off and the woman gave me the dirtiest look. like i was supposed to just sit there and take it, like my reaction was in some way inappropriate, and what they were doing is ok. it just goes to show how society just expects women to deal with sexual harassment.


Note: Thank you for sharing your story, I’m glad your friend had enough respect to not sexualize you changing in the back of his car.  Some people are absolute jerks who will sexualize anything when given the chance- and I’m shocked the woman laughed.  It goes to show that not every woman is for equality.  Verbal harassment is humiliating and hopefully one day they’ll see how stupid they all were.

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it-s-time-to-come-home-deactiva asked: "When I was younger my uncle stayed with us for a while. He was fine in the beginning: we could hardly even tell he was there most of the time. That was until he started drinking again, and would threaten me and my siblings with abuse, and when ever we were unfortunately alone together, he would threaten me with sexual abuse and would sometimes touch me. Then a few years later I was sexually assaulted in public. This made me feel so worthless about myself, but I'm starting to get over it. xx"

Most sexual assault does happen within a family which I’ve always thought was sick and twisted.

I’m sorry you went through with this and I hope he gets what he deserves eventually.  I’m a firm believer in karma.

I’m very proud of you for getting past this and hopefully others who have gone through the same thing will see this and find themselves in your story and will be inspired to begin to get over it as well.  But never settle for just getting over something, if justice hasn’t been served it needs to be.

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Anonymous asked: "So several times I have been walking in the corridors of my school and now college (14-18 education, I live in the UK) and a guy has grabbed/slapped/pinched my butt. I don't get it. Why do guys think that this is ok? It isn't their arse. I don't know them. I mean geez - keep your hands to yourself. It isn't even hard to grasp. My body, my space. No touchies."

Your butt, your body.  No one should be allowed to touch it unless they’re given permission.

You need to report this, as it is sexual harassment.  People are driven by sexual desire to do things that aren’t okay or humane but are let off with a slap on the hand.  Tell them what you’ve told me.  Hormones don’t control your hands, and there’s no excuse for what they’re doing.

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Anonymous asked: "what do you think about who pays for dinner?"

If a girl wants to pay for dinner it shouldn’t be weird if a guy wants to pay for dinner it shouldn’t be weird, if you want to split the check go right ahead.

Who cares?  It’s dinner.

Just don’t expect someone to pay. x

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Come tell me your story of sexual harassment, harassment in general, rape, racism, or anything else you need to share.

Your story can help.

You can also ask for advice.

click here.

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I want to write about more teen idols and my views on them and I need to get more stories.

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Miley Cyrus from a feminist perspective:

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